Iron Country Sisters is a band formed by three sisters. The band formed in 2014 is based in Helsinki, Finland. The sisters’ music is influenced by modern and traditional americana, and their original and warm sound leans on soulful harmonies and strong vocals.

Iron Country Sisters released their debut album The Bue Hidden In in September 2019. The album was published by Soit Se Silti. Singles Bonfire, Go Slow, Leaves, and Bones have been previously released from The Blue Hidden In debut album. The album comes in CD and digi formats.

Iron Country Sisters have, during their nine-year career, recorded a song with one of the most celebrated Finnish artists, Ismo Alanko, and performed at the most prominent rock clubs and festivals in Finland. They have also supported artists such as Daniel Romano, The Posies, Yola, and Steve’n’Seagulls. 

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