Rattlesnake Milk

Rattlesnake Milk från ödemarkerna i södra Texas. De har på något sätt "extra allt" jämfört med de flesta andra band i samma musikaliska territorium. De är mer country än alla andra band som håller musiken igång på honky tonk-haken i Texas. De är mer punk är alla punkband som verkar tycka att frisyr och attribut är viktigare än musiken. De är mer surf, mod och psykedia än all hipsterband mellan Echo Park and Brooklyn. De är Rattlesnake Milk och är nu på väg till Skandinavien för första gången!.

Everything that all the other bands in music frustratingly whiff on, Rattlesnake Milk hits dead center. With a simplified four-piece lineup, and no desire to elicit help from guest performers or overdubs, Rattlesnake Milk accomplishes with so little what so many other bands fail to accomplish with so much more. Burrowing down to the very kernel of soul and feeling, and leaving everything else to the side, they are an underground version of musical mastery.

It's all led by lead singer and rhythm guitarist Lou Lewis, who isn't some astounding singer, but knows exactly where to put the emphasis in a phrase to make the lyrics burst or ooze with emotion. Lead guitarist Andrew Chavez is the band's ace-in-the-whole in how he brings such taste and storytelling to his solos. And drummer Corey Alvarez, and bassist Eric Pawlick, they're buy-in to the sound of Rattlesnake Milk makes the music so organic and alive, even though its greatest selling point is how understated it is.

Like Booker T and the MG's, or The Animals when they stepped into the studio to record "House of the Rising Sun," everything aligns perfectly for these fellas, and the genius is in the simplicity of their approach. What Rattlesnake Milk does would have been relevant 50 years ago. It's also the most relevant music to today, and it will be relevant 50 years from now. While most everyone else in music is simply posturing for each other or emulating trends picked up from others, Rattlesnake Milk has picked up on something wholly unique, but eerily familiar all at the same time.

Completely underground and outright repulsed at the idea of popularity, you have to happen upon Rattlesnake Milk to find them. Lucky for you, you just did.

Konserter Rattlesnake Milk i Rootsyland

2023-09-19Katalin, UppsalaFörköp
2023-09-20Gripsholms värdshus, MariefredFörköp
2023-09-21Folkets Hus, UddevallaFörköp
2023-09-22Tryckhallen, FalkenbergFörköp
2023-09-23Folk å Rock, Malmö
2023-09-24Råhuset, KøbenhavnFörköp
2023-09-26Kulturhuset, Halden
2023-09-27Olso, RøverstadenFörköp
2023-09-29Folkets Hus, Herräng
2023-09-30Broken Dreams, Borlänge
2023-10-01Clarion Hotell, VisbyFörköp
2023-10-02Melodybox, StockholmFörköp


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