Teddy and the Rough Riders

Teddy and the Rough Riders är ett band musikälskare kan drömma våta drömmar om innan de ens vet att bandet finns. De är allt man kan önska sig av US underground rock, country och gränslös 70-tals rock n roll i en enda salig röra

Ett klassiskt amerikanskt rockband, som kan låta som vilket band som helst som du älskat och samtidigt som något du aldrig hört tidigare. De har inte uppfunnit country rock; de är country rock. Musik i rakt nedstigande led från Flying Burrito Brothers, The Band och New Riders of the Purple Sage med inslag från Hoyt Axton, JJ Cale och Dough Sahm.

Bland Teddy and the Rough Riders fans hittar man till exempel Jack White och Margo Price, som också producerade deras senaste album.

I månadsskiftet januari/februari landar Teddy and the Rough Riders i Skandinavien. Missa inte!

Born and raised in Nashville, Teddy and the Rough Riders were brought up on Music City's country music history. Having made their way up through the DIY rock community, they've playfully bridged the gap between both genres ever since.

In the same way that Gram Parsons, Gene Clark and Michael Nesmith brought the psychedelics and sensibilities of their trippy counter-culture to country in the early 70s, Teddy and the Rough Riders are pulling apart the lost threads of country rock and weaving them back together with their own alternative take on the norm.

Their sound is the next stop on a lineage that runs from Flying Burrito Brothers, The Band and New Riders of the Purple Sage down through Hoyt Axton, JJ Cale and Dough Sahm, before ending up where we are today with bands like Nude Party, Mike and the Moonpies and The Pink Stones - 70s country rock nostalgics with a 21st-century irreverence.

Ryan Jennings and Jack Quiggins, who write the group's songs, grew up in Nashville's West End, where the original outlaw movement set up camp during the 70s. These influences and experiences were distilled into songs over many nights, where the two wrote and played covers together over whiskey around seven years ago.

After that, they started playing with Nic Swafford and brought in pedal steel player Luke Schneider – best known for playing with William Tyler and in Margo Price's band, as well as for the incredible solo record he put out last year on Third Man – to help define their sound.

Since then, the group has released a home-recorded EP and LP, alongside several singles, including a 7" record from Third Man Records. After years of touring, playing bars and recording a prolific back catalog of work, it's time for everyone who isn't in on the secret of Teddy and the Rough Riders' talent to get in the know with the release of this self-titled record.

The project is their first big studio effort with a producer, engineer, session players and with the aim of ramping the whole thing up. The band brought in Margo Price to produce and engineer Jake Davis and rented out Club Roar, spending a few days holed up in the studio to capture the magic of the session.

"Teddy and the Rough Riders are one of my favorite Nashville bands, and, given the chance, they will unite the hippies and the cowboys, the bikers and the stoners with their groovy country songs".

Av Margo Price

Konserter Teddy and the Rough Riders Scandinavian Tour 2023

2023-01-31Katalin, UppsalaFörköp
2023-02-01Gripsholms Värdshus, MariefredFörköp
2023-02-03Rootsy Winter Fest, FalkenbergFörköp
2023-02-04Pustervik, GöteborgFörköp
2023-02-05Råhuset, Köpenhamn
2023-02-07Hotell Hulingen, Hultsfred
2023-02-09Medley, MalmöFörköp
2023-02-10Forum, Hyltebruk
2023-02-11Kulturhuset, Halden
2023-02-12Bull Inn, Bø
2023-02-14Bergen Live, Bergen
2023-02-15Krøsset, OsloFörköp
2023-02-16Schreiber's garage, Örebro
2023-02-18S/S Norrtelje, NorrtäljeFörköp
2023-02-19Clarion, VisbyFörköp
2023-02-21Melodybox, StockholmFörköp
2023-02-22Röda Kvarn, Ljusdal
2023-02-23Captain Cook, ÖstersundFörköp
2023-02-24Moskus, TrondheimFörköp
2023-02-25Q Bar, Sundsvall

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