Jenny Don't and the Spurs

Gamla punkare som växer upp och börjar spela honky tonk och outlaw country är inget nytt. Men att det fortfarande är en vinnande formel visar Jenny Don't and the Spurs med all önskvärd tydlighet. På sitt tredje och senaste album "Fire on the Ridge" spelar de ut hela sitt register med allt från energi-stinn punkcountry till smäktande ballader Patsy Cline style.

Jenny Don't and the Spurs har sin bas i Portland, Oregon. The Spurs bildades 2012 av Jenny Don't och basisten Kelly Halliburton. Jenny kom från sitt egna punkband DON'T och Kelly, från garagerock-trion Pierced Arrows (tidigare Dead Moon). Spå det var inga musikaliska duvungar som började repa in en standard-repertoar bestående av Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Ernest Tubb och Hank Sr för att så småningom börja skriva egna låtar istället.

Nu kommer Jenny Don't and the Spurs äntligen till Skandinavien för att bjuda oss på en rejäl country-urladdning!

Portland Oregon's Honky Tonk/Rockabilly/Punk anti-heroes, Jenny Don't And The Spurs, showcases the diverse array of musical styles on their third LP, Fire on The Ridge, this coming Feb 10th on Fluff & Gravy Records on cd/lp (Richmond Fontaine/Margo Cilker/Jim White). The band switches from blistering barn-burners ("Train Ticket", "Be The Only One") to rambling westerns ("Fire On The Ridge") to Patsy Cline style ballads ("Friday Night"). Over 20 years of punk rock behind them with their former bands Jenny Don't And the Spurs embraced the classic outlaw country they grew up on with raw vigour.

Fire on the Ridge was conceived one night when the band were on their way to perform The Pendleton Roundup rodeo in Eastern, Oregon but were forced to make a massive detour to avoid the biggest forest fire in decades just off the motorway. On their return they were able to see the orange glow of the blaze in the night sky which soon became an apocalyptic sea of glowing embers around them that blanketed the otherwise night-darkened sides of the deep canyon through which they drove and gave birth to the idea behind the album.

Once in the studio the band put that fire into their recording but were rudely interrupted two weeks in when Jenny required vocal cord surgery. After some rehabilitation she came back to the studio stronger than ever, only to find that the hard drive on which the tracks were saved had catastrophically crashed, requiring starting over from note one. Things moved along just fine for a while until the studio flooded requiring a complete rebuild. Just when it seemed that everything was finally on track again, the global pandemic prevented the band and studio crew from in-person mixing sessions. Against these odds, Fire On The Ridge was finally ready to see the light of day as the band's flame burned as brightly as ever but tragedy was shortly to follow.

The Spurs were founded back in 2012 by Jenny Don't and bassist, Kelly Halliburton. Jenny had been fronting her own punk band, DON'T, and Kelly, was a 20+ year veteran of the Portland punk scene, with the garage rock trio PIERCED ARROWS (formerly Dead Moon) and with punk-rock destroyers P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. After the concept of forming a raw, real, and back-to-the-roots country band had taken hold, it wasn't long before the couple was rehearsing a seminal set of standards by such influential early country crooners and outlaws like Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Ernest Tubb, and Hank Sr., as well as a sprinkling of originals. It was only a few weeks later that Kelly's bandmates Fred and Toody Cole (DEAD MOON) got wind of the developing musical project and decided to call their bluff by giving them an support slot. Their friend and Portland legend, Sam Henry, formerly of Wipers, The Rats, Naplalm Beach, joined them on drums and within a year they added lead guitarist Christopher March whom had years playing on the Northwest Country, Rockabilly, and Honky-Tonk circuit.

The band toured Europe three times and the US extensively with their intense live sets of garage infused country for several great years, solidifying the band's sound until January of 2022 just shortly after Fire On the Ridge was released in the US. It was at this point, while on tour in California, that Sam Henry began experiencing abdominal pains. His discomfort increased to the point where the band had to cancel the last date of the tour in order to get Sam to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with late-stage cancer. This was devastating news for Sam, the band, and all of the people around the world that loved him, and when, only weeks later, Sam passed away after a brief battle with the disease, everyone was stunned. As saddened and lost as the remaining members of the band were, there was really no question as to whether the band would continue. Sam was truly dedicated to his art until the very end, and there was no way that he would have wanted the band to dissolve. He had dedicated his life to his music and the last ten years of his life to Jenny Don't and The Spurs, and the surviving members of the band decided without reservation to keep Sam's legacy alive by continuing to play and release the album in the rest of the world. The search for a new drummer turned up a lot of candidates, but it was veteran Portland musician Dean Miles who made the cut. They're happy to have him as the newest family member, and know that Sam would be proud to know that a guy as cool as Dean is sitting behind the kit. The intensity and energy of their live set is a must-see for anyone who

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