The Roseline

The Roseline

The Roseline (uttalas "rose like the flower, line like a straight line") är ett band från Lawrence, Kansas USA. Efter sex album har de en gedigen låtskatt och de har profilerat sig som ett av de bästa banden i kategorin heartland rock/americana, Vilket betyder rak, omedelbar rock med countryinfluenser och melodier som går rätt in i kropp och själ. Grundaren och låtskrivaren Colin Halliburton startade The Roseline som en akustisk folk-trio, men nu har det hela utvecklats sig till femmannaband som övertygar starkt!

Kind foreign press and high charting on the Euro Americana Chart ('Lust for Luster', 'Blood', and 'GOOD/GRIEF' all charted in the top ten), led to a deal in the Benelux with Dutch label, King Forward Records. The band also released one album, 'Vast as Sky' (2012), with the Bay Area label Ninth Street Opus (home to Sarah Lee Guthrie and Carrie Rodriguez).

The Roseline has had the good fortune of landing sync placements in indie movies and major network television shows such as ABC's 'Nashville' and 'Resurrection', as well as USA's 'Queen of the South'. The Roseline has been featured on/in NPR, Pop Matters, American Songwriter, The Bluegrass Situation, and No Depression, among others. Halliburton also performs solo under The Roseline moniker and has embarked on two European tours thus far.

The band recently wrapped up their seventh LP titled 'Constancy' which will be released on November 5th, 2021. The album marks a distinct evolution in the band's sound, as they found themselves taking more risks in the studio and expanding their sonic spectrum with the addition of vintage synth textures, myriad guitar effects and heroics, as well as a more collaborative songwriting approach.

Lyrically, it is Halliburton's most diverse and accomplished collection of songs, ranging from fictional narratives, to abstracted allegories, to intimate confessionals, and beyond. Ultimately he finds the constancy inherent in good love, family, art and joy, is what leads to a life worth celebrating. This is not to say he shies away from the darker corners of the human condition, but rather that the darkness is a necessary foil for the light.

Halliburton explains, "There's something to be said for stubborn perseverance. I think good things can come from the simple act of just showing up over and over again. It can be applied to your day job, your love life, your children, your side hustle, your hobbies, and beyond. That's where the idea of "constancy" came from for me."

The Roseline produces minimalistic and windswept Americana indicative of their Heartland roots. There's something more to their portfolio than another set of strong contributions to the alt-country scene.

Av Pop Matters

Midwestern alt-country stalwarts… breezy, affectionate (and honest) blend of wit and melancholic twang.

Av No Depression

Konserter The Constancy Tour

2021-11-16Katalin, UppsalaFörköp
2021-11-17Cafe Smedjan, Norrtälje
2021-11-18Holännapaviljongen, Ljusdal
2021-11-19Klubb Belin, Umeå (fri entré)
2021-11-20Broken Dreams, BorlängeFörköp
2021-11-21Kontoret, UddevallaFörköp
2021-11-22Hotell Hulingen, HultsfredFörköp
2021-11-23Katalin, Uppsala (support till David Ritschard)
2021-11-24Biljardkompaniet, Kristianstad
2021-11-25Folk å Rock, MalmöFörköp
2021-11-26Tryckhallen, Falkenberg
2021-11-27Garage Bar, HöganäsFörköp
2021-11-28Twang, Stockholm


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