The Cold Stares

The Cold Stares

Indiana-baserade duon The Cold Stares gör en högspänningshybrid av rock, blues och punk. Högljutt, rått och skitigt men hela tiden med en respekt för tradition;. Blind Willie Johnson möter Son House; Stevie Ray Vaughan möter Black Sabbath; Soundgarden möter Black Crowes; Free möter Led Zeppelin. Och viktigast av allt - det må vara tungt och stökigt men svänget och livsglädjen finns där hela tiden. Missa inte när The Cold Stares kommer till Sverige för att fira att pandemin äntligen verkar retirera!

Chris Tapp and Brian Mullins have known one another for years, growing up in Western Kentucky, just a stone's throw from the border of Indiana. They originally started playing together in their early twenties before going their separate ways only to reunite in another outfit a decade down the line. "There's a lot of great musicians around here, but it's hard to find someone who really wants to do it," Mullins explained. "People who want to make records and they're that much of a glutton for punishment that they're gonna stick it out."

"We were playing together in 2009 in another band that was doing really well," Tapp said. "It didn't work out, so we both kinda exited that band and contemplated retirement." It didn't take long before they were thankfully disabused of that notion. "A buddy of ours asked us to open the show for him. We ended up doing that, but we were so adamant that we weren't going to be a band that we didn't hire a bass player or anything else."

Recorded in a single day at Sam Phillips fabled recording studio in Memphis, The Cold Stares upcoming album is their best record yet, an intense amalgam of Blind Willie Johnson meets Son House; Stevie Ray Vaughan meets Black Sabbath; Soundgarden meets Black Crowes; Free meets Led Zeppelin. "I feel like I'm saying what I want to say a little bit more concisely and elegantly, and I think that Brian and I together, from playing this long together and making records, we are pretty clear on the statement we're trying to make now," Tapp said. "We've never been one of those bands where we said, ‘On the next record, we're really gonna do something completely different.' We were happy with the sentiment that we started with. We want to be the band that we are."

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2021-07-01Solhällan, LöderupFörköp
2021-07-02Hagebyhöga Handelsträdgård, Motala
2021-07-03Kafé Himlavalvet, StockholmFörköp
2021-07-05Tryckhallen, Falkenberg
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