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Ryan Culwell kommer från "the Texas panhandle" och det känns som om landskapet där har färgat hans musik. Kärvt, sparsmakat, rått, jordnära...och oändligt vackert. Allt på samma gång. Culwell hyllades unison för sina första två album, 2015 års "Flatlands" och 2018 års "The Last American" och Rolling Stone beskrev hans låtar som "gorgeous and bleak". På 2022 års album "Run Like A Bull" har Culwell tagit ytterligare kliv som låtskrivare och artist och kan nu räknas till de riktigt stora inom den nya generationen av Texas singer/songwriters. I mars kommer Ryan Culwell till Skandinavien för första gången. Välkommen!

Walk around throwing punches everywhere and you'll earn yourself an almighty ass whooping. Keep your hands in your pockets all day, though, and you'll start to feel like you've already whooped your own. It's a paradox that Ryan Culwell finds himself wrestling with frequently on his extraordinary new album, Run Like A Bull. Recorded with longtime collaborator Neilson Hubbard (Mary Gauthier, Kim Richey), the collection is raw and magnetic, cutting close to the bone as it searches for a middle ground between release and restraint, recklessness and responsibility. Culwell faces down his own worst instincts here, grappling with weighty, existential notions the way Flannery O'Connor might, conjuring up images of alternating beauty and brutality set against a distinctly American backdrop. "We all laugh when a young calf struggles to his feet," Culwell sings in his gritty rasp. "When an old bull falls down on his ass I guess it ain't so sweet."

Born and raised in the Texas panhandle, Culwell earned widespread acclaim with his first two albums, 2015's Flatlands and 2018's The Last American, which prompted Rolling Stone to hail his writing as both "gorgeous and bleak" and NPR to rave that his songs "wring grace from plain and often dark details." The music earned Culwell dates with Patty Griffin, Billy Joe Shaver, Hayes Carll, Patrick Sweany, and Ashley Monroe among others, alongside a full calendar of his own headline shows around the country and millions of streams across platforms.

It's raw songwriting about the deeply sorrowful reality of life's struggles. Ryan Culwell has emerged here very clearly as a superb songwriter and there ought to be tens of thousands of fans lining up to every one of his shows. Sooner rather than later. In the meantime, we've already heard he's heading up some of the top albums of the year lists.

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Unflinchingly, Culwell experiences profound personal and creative rebirth with Run Like a Bull. His journey is ongoing, but there's always room for growth. His willingness to own up to his past through art is a tremendous leap forward.

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Konserter The Run Like A Bull Tour

2023-03-14Katalin, UppsalaFörköp
2023-03-15Gripsholms värdshus, MariefredFörköp
2023-03-16Carlas PopUp Grönhögen, Öland
2023-03-17Tryckhallen, FalkenbergFörköp
2023-03-19Råhuset, KöpenhamnFörköp
2023-03-21Hotell Hulingen, Hultsfred
2023-03-22Krøsset, OsloFörköp
2023-03-23Folkets hus, Vänersborg
2023-03-24Twang, StockholmFörköp
2023-03-25S/S Norrtelje, NorrtäljeFörköp
2023-03-26Clarion, VisbyFörköp


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